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A Little About The Lange Family!

Our family—Mike, Rita, Sean (Nicki, Hunter, Gage), and Brian (Chasity, Landon) Lange—own about twelve acres of land just outside of Danville, Illinois. We love the outdoors, especially deer hunting and fishing. We have always had great admiration and respect for whitetail deer. We are very serious deer hunters and shed antler hunters. It has always been a dream of ours to raise whitetail deer. In 1994, when the opportunity arose, we bought two doe fawns from Joe Crabtree in Trenton, Illinois, and we were in the business of raising deer! Since then, we have added 12 more deer to our herd.

We started collecting the deer urine to use during hunting season, and were amazed at how well it worked. Through word-of-mouth advertising, product demand grew and we began selling the deer urine to other hunters. This helped us pay for some of our costs. LANGE’S DEER URINE has become very popular and is now sold throughout the country.

Our own personal enjoyment is the real reason we raise deer. We just love watching them and being around them. We provide our deer with the best living environment we possibly can. They have plenty of room for running and grazing. Since we have raised our deer from birth, they are exceptionally tame, and we spend several hours a day with them to continue the bond. We think that they enjoy our company as much as we do theirs!

In addition to raising deer, we are also successful deer hunters and shed antler hunters. Over 20 years of shed hunting, we have found well over 1,000 sheds. Also, we consistently harvest big bucks every year. Throughout the past 10 years of hunting, we have harvested over 30 Pope and Young class deer in addition to several nice bucks.

Through raising deer, we have been able to experience many amazing things—a doe giving birth, the changing growth cycles of deer, bucks growing and shedding their antlers, and one-day-old fawns being bottle-fed. That is what it’s all about! And deer is what we are all about!

Good Hunting!

The Langes

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Last Updated: April 04, 2012